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Did you know what bug stands for?

Navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper was famous for explaining computer terms with an explanation so everyone could understand. After all it was the 1950's. She showed people a short, soda straw and would explain that that's how far an electricity can travel in a microsecond. People loved her. She's gone today, sadly.

The Navy was trying to run a complicated math equation one night. The algorithm would run all night long. When the operators came in the next morning, however, the computer had not finished, so they went into the airconditioned structure to find out what had happened. They found a moth between two contacts of one of the relays. One worker took a pair of tweezers and simply removed the moth who had been drawn there by the flashing lights and warmth. The moth had died, but it stopped the calclation for the night's run.

After the moth had been removed, the calculation started right up and finished a few hours later. Admiral Grace remarked to the press that they had discovered a bug in the program. That term stuck.

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TedNPad : Bugs
# Category Sub Title Status Priority Difficulty
65 Edit Indent Tabbing back with spaces instead Tabs Open Next Release Normal
84 Print Print Special character prevents printing Open Highly Desired Normal
62 Search RegExps Regexp zero-length replace loop Open Highly Desired Difficult
227 Update System Add support for proxy in CheckForUpdate Open Highly Desired Difficult
TedNPad : Requests
# Category Sub Title Status Votes Priority Difficulty
33 Edit Feature Readonly mode Open 1 Next Release Normal
185 Tools Random Random text and random data generator Open 0 Next Release Normal
39 Edit HighLight Text highlighting Open 2 Next Release Complex
236 File Encoding Unicode files auto-recognition feature Open 1 Highly Desired Normal
50 Plugins Plugins Implement plugin architecture Open 0 Highly Desired Normal
51 Langs Translation Translation into languages plugin Open 0 Highly Desired Difficult
49 Edit Selection Column edit mode, block selection Open 8 Highly Desired Complex
11 Edit Print Provide right-to-left reading orientation mode Open 5 Highly Desired Complex
43 Edit Folding Text folding Open 4 Highly Desired Complex
45 Edit Braces Show matching brace Open 0 Highly Desired Complex
47 Edit Bookmarks Line bookmarks, text bookmarks Open 0 Highly Desired Complex
69 Edit Selection Option to make long jumps upon Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right navigation Open 1 Wanted Normal
78 Tools Wrap Re-wrap lines and re-wrap paragraphs Open 1 Wanted Normal
79 Main Feature Transparent window mode Open 0 Wanted Normal
93 Edit Selection Option to lock the visual horizontal position of the caret upon moving vertically Open 0 Wanted Normal
245 Print Preview Print preview Open 0 Wanted Normal
87 File Position Remember the last known selection position in each file Open 4 Wanted Difficult
92 Clipboard System Capture system clipboard Open 3 Wanted Difficult
235 Edit Speech Text to speech Open 1 Wanted Difficult

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