Can I use a tool over multiple files?

(from TED Notepad FAQ)

Partially. Although there is currently no way to fully automate the process, you can make it half-automated: First, you can setup almost all tools to remember your settings. Second, though you have to open each file separately, you can automate the opening thru a batch file. Thrid, you can use the /a command line parameter to auto-select all text after opening a file. And finally, you can use hotkeys to invoke the tool to be executed and use F10 hotkey to save and exit.

Using these hints, you can setup a half-automated enviroment that will in sequence open all files for you and pre-select all text in each file. Then you would need to manually invoke the tool (by its hotkey) and save and exit (by F10 hotkey). After closing the file, the next file will open up automatically. And so on. Yes, it is a bit dirty and tedious, but it can be carried out for a few dozens of files.

Update: If you need to do this for hundreds or thousands of files, get some free auto-hotkey utility to auto-invoke hotkeys. Yes, you can actually find applications on the web that can make TED Notepad invoke any of its commands after starting.

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