TED Notepad

Powerful text editor with native Grep, Sort, Cut, Unique, RegEx, Shuffle, Tr, Reverse, etc..

Good at editing huge files: newest version can usually work with up to 700MB if needed.

This notepad alternative offers 435 text-processing functions, innovative features and timesaving tools. All of them on hotkeys; all designed for quick and advanced editing. It is small, portable and loads instantly with no installation required.

Like a jack-of-all-trades in a fast notepad replacement. Gazillion of handy tools, enhancements and features. You'll never learn them all. Don't type, ted-it!

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, etc.

End User License Agreement. List of TED Notepad features.

Current version 6.3.1. Dec 1, 2021. ChangeLog. FAQ.

freeware all donations are welcome innovative new ideas put to good use reliable always tested with huge files

Don't type, ted-it! What does that mean?

TED Notepad Screenshot

TED Notepad is a free plain-text editor and notepad alternative. A neat KISS interface, stuffed with four tons of features, settings and text-transforming tools, waiting on hotkeys and mouse clicks to get useful. It stays out of your way and helps you to work on what's important, bringing your typing, text-working or even coding to the next level:

As it is, TED Notepad is intended for advanced users with non-trivial demands and tasks. To discover its true power, you might need to learn a thing or two. Because once you do, you won't type, you'll just ted-it..

Common text editor features

TED Notepad Screenshot

The list of usual text editor features is rather boring, all text editors got them, so just to be complete, none of these are missing:

  • Text coloring, URL detection
  • Line numbers, Line lengths
  • Visible newlines, tabs, spaces
  • Multi-level Undo and Redo
  • Favourites and Recent files
  • Portable INI file settings
  • Auto-recognition of UTF-8 and UNICODE files
  • Tab/Newline searching, Regular expressions
  • User-defined font/background colors
  • Outside file modifications
  • Auto-save, recovery and backups of files
  • Template file for new documents
  • Stay on Top, Fullscreen, Info-rich Statusbar
  • Drag and Drop, Copy and Paste via mouse
  • Plus a ton of text-transforming functions

Jack-of-all-trades for your text and code

  • Lower Case
  • Upper Case
  • Case Inversion
  • Word Capitals
  • First Capital
  • Up to Sentences
  • Random Case
  • Fun Case
  • Indent Lines
  • Unindent Lines
  • Quote Lines
  • UnQuote Lines
  • Shift Lines Left
  • Close Lines
  • Unclose Lines
  • Shift Lines Right
  • Trim Tail Spaces
  • Trim Empty Lines
  • Tabify Indentation
  • UnTabify Indentation
  • Remove Empty Lines
  • Collapse Empty Lines
  • Unique Lines
  • Find Duplicate Lines
  • Cut
  • Columnize
  • Add line numbers
  • Grep
  • Filter by Pattern
  • Keep matching lines
  • Remove matching lines
  • Tr
  • Translate Characters
  • Escapes and Ranges
  • Replace
  • Extended Replace
  • Regular Expressions
  • Mimic case replace
  • Extract Words
  • Enclose Selection
  • XML/HTML Tag
  • Reverse Text
  • Reverse Order of Lines
  • Reverse Order of Words
  • Reverse Order of Words on Each Line
  • Reverse Each Word
  • Reverse Each Line
  • Sort Lines
  • Sorting Keys
  • Sort Naturally as Numbers
  • Shuffle Lines
  • Selection Statistics
  • Document Statistics
  • Statistics
  • Number of Characters/Letters/Spaces
  • Number of Words/Lines/Paragraphs/Sentences
  • Average/Minimum/Maximum Line Lengths
  • Commit Word-Wrap
  • Unwrap Paragraphs
  • Unwrap Lines
  • Compare Strings
  • External Viewers
  • External Filters
  • Repeat Last Tool
  • Search and Last Tool
  • ..and a lot more..

More or less clipboarding?

First of all, why would you even want to use the clipboard, when you can achieve the same with inserting the Recently Deleted and Recently Inserted text? But if you do need to clipboard, there is plenty of it..

Copy via mouse while selecting text. This is a well known feature from ssh terminals. Just hold down the ctrl-key and select text using the mouse (the use of the ctrl-key is optional, actually).

Paste via mouse is just as easy. Again hold down the ctrl-key and simply right-click the mouse (the ctrl-key being optional). You can even select some text via the right-click before pasting, to replace it, or to Swap it with the clipboard via the Shift-key.

Cut/Copy Append can come quite handy to build up longer text as a collection buffer.

Auto-selection is always ready to select the current word, line, paragraph or document for you, if you try to copy to clipboard with no selection. Just turn it on in the Settings, and choose your level.

Mimic case on paste is a killer feature. Turn it on in Settings to see if it fits your needs.

Swap clipboard feature provides an addictive solution to moving phrases around: It niftily swaps the content of the clipboard and the current selection.

9 extra permanent clipboards can conveniently hold phrases you type often, saving the main system clipboard for other use. What's even better is that these phrases are remembered even if you shut down the computer.

/v Paste command line parameter gets you started with clipboard contents right after opening.

Enhanced searching'n'replacing

Search is run from a nifty compact Search bar, which can optionally auto-hide after successfull matches. Though Find Selected and Find Later features offer a much quicker way to start a search. You can also choose to remember the current searches between sessions. Search over multiple lines is a must have!

Fancy Select to Next feature helps you to quickly select any text up to the next occurrence of the searched phrase. Or the one after that.

Secondary search is also available, if you'd like to search for two things at the same time.

Search and Last Tool, definitely innovative concept, allows you to transform matching text with any of the gazillion of text-processing tools TED Notepad offers. You can change character case of matching phrases; or reverse found words; or sort matching lines; you can even run the Replace tool from within the Search and Replace loop, or run one of your own user-defined filters! Now isn't that a killer feature? :)

Learn how to write a Regular Expression in notepad, also called RegExp or RegEx. Use back-references in replace patterns, or employ the Search and Last Tool concept to transform the matches. With perl-like regular expressions, there seems to be no limit in what you can achieve with such combination.

The Search bar is quite hotkey-stuffed. Try different combinations of Ctrl and Shift with Enter and F3 keys. Or would you rather see the documentation?

Several innovative auto-completions

Word auto-completion, the usual, is based on dictionary of the current document. There is no point in creating big user-specific dictionaries and then browse through all the possible words. It's even better the other way around, because while the list of document words is usually small, TED Notepad can effectively auto-expand words to common continuation before it bothers you with dialogs and lists of all plausible suggestions.

Line auto-completion, a bit innovative, is based on lines of the current document. This feature offers you to auto-complete beginnings of frequent lines, including indentation, punctuation and other characters. If you are creating lists or source code, your lines often begin the same and line auto-completion can ease the usual copy-pasting practice. Try it out on source code — it's amazing how much can be auto-completed based on indentation.

Copying Return is definitely the quickest way to duplicate lines, especially if you want to duplicate portions of lines. Try it on when coding CSS files — that's my favourite.

HTML/XML Tag, a must-have for webmasters and XML coders, helps completing those < angle brackets > and closing tags.

Even more...

  • Multi-level Undo/Redo
  • Legacy single-level Undo
  • Reduce Undo/Redo on Save
  • Cut/Copy auto-select
  • Copy via mouse
  • Cut/Copy Append
  • Mimic case on Paste
  • Paste with Right-click
  • Swap
  • 9 more Clips
  • Drag&Drop
  • Triple/Quadruple/Quintuple-click
  • Improved Right-click menu
  • Web Search
  • Launch URL
  • Insert/Overwrite
  • Text Coloring
  • Change colors
  • Random Color Scheme generator
  • Zoom In/Out/Reset
  • Detect URLs
  • Line Numbers
  • Visible Newlines
  • Win/Unix/Mac
  • Line Lengths
  • Visible Tabs
  • Visible spaces
  • Non-breaking spaces
  • Highlight Current Line
  • Insert Recently Deleted
  • Insert Recently Inserted
  • Complete Word
  • Longest auto-completion
  • Complete Line
  • Smart Return
  • Copying Return
  • Go to Line/Position
  • Go to with Relative Jumping
  • Go to with Selecting Text
  • Select Word
  • Add Next Word
  • Select Line
  • Add Next Line
  • Select Paragraph
  • Add Paragraph
  • Push Line Up
  • Push Line Down
  • Cut off Word
  • BkSpace Word
  • Cut off Line
  • BkSpace Line
  • Scroll via Hotkeys
  • Horizontal mouse-wheel scrolling
  • Word Wrap
  • Wrap Margin
  • Wrap Margin soft word-wrapping
  • Auto-indent
  • Smart Home/End keys
  • Spaces instead of Tab
  • Huge files
  • Very long lines
  • Lots of lines
  • Insert File Name
  • Insert File Path
  • Insert Date/Time
  • Time/date glue string
  • Mixed Newlines
  • Convert from/to Unix
  • Convert from/to Mac
  • Unicode Auto-detection
  • UTF-8 Auto-recognition
  • Recent Files
  • Favourite Files
  • Relative paths
  • Revert
  • All system Codepages
  • Reopen file in Encoding
  • Import file in Encoding
  • Export file to Encoding
  • Include file
  • Exclude file
  • Drag&Drop files
  • Auto-create Files
  • Binary Files
  • Big 700MB files
  • Open Containing Folder
  • Open Command Line
  • File Properites dialog
  • Backup files
  • Hidden backups
  • Rotate backups
  • Temp path for backups
  • Auto-delete backups
  • Auto-save files
  • Recovery from auto-save
  • Autosaving timer
  • Hidden auto-saves
  • Auto-save to original
  • Temp path for auto-saves
  • Auto-save Untitled
  • Watch for file modifications
  • Auto-revert modified files
  • One instance of each file
  • New file Template
  • Suggest filename
  • Saving Read-Only files
  • Flush file buffers
  • Default encoding
  • Default newlines
  • Default file type
  • Relative default paths
  • Search bar
  • Regular Expressions
  • Capture groups
  • Cluster groups
  • Branch reset groups
  • Possesive intervals
  • Back-references
  • Matched lengths
  • Replacement counters
  • Replace with Random numbers
  • Total replacements count
  • Very long patterns
  • Mimic case replacing
  • Search and Last Tool
  • Secondary Search
  • Select to Next/Previous
  • Find Selected
  • Auto-select and search
  • Find Later
  • Auto-hide Search bar
  • Fullscreen
  • Stay on Top
  • Session on Top
  • Hide to SysTray
  • DPI-aware
  • Spawn New Window
  • .LOG
  • Lots of command-line parameters
  • /l Go to Line (with negative lines)
  • /a All Text
  • /E End
  • /s Selection
  • /c Go to Position (with negative offsets)
  • /T On Top
  • /m Minimized
  • /M Maximized
  • /F Fullscreen
  • /H Hide to Tray
  • /v Paste
  • /A ANSI
  • /U UTF-8
  • /x /y /w /h Placement
  • /p Print
  • /b Create new file
  • /i INI file
  • /u Check for Updates
  • /nl No config load
  • /ns No config save
  • /nw /nn /nm Ignore/Skip/Stop parameters
  • /nf Load file
  • Print
  • Page Setup
  • Printing Font
  • Print Selection
  • Status Bar
  • Current Line, Column, Position
  • Count of Lines, Line Length, Document Length
  • Selection Length
  • Current character value
  • Encoding
  • BOM indicator
  • Newlines
  • Exit by Esc
  • Save and Exit
  • Exit without Saving
  • Check for Updates
  • Auto-check for Updates
  • Portable INI files
  • Hierarchical INI files
  • executable's directory INI file
  • user's profile directory INI file
  • current working directory INI file
  • command-line /i INI file
  • 11 pages of settings dialog
  • Export settings
  • Import settings
  • Tab size setting
  • Primary/Secondary Fonts
  • Left selection margin
  • Auto-indent setting
  • Keep Caret from Window borders
  • Override user locale
  • Full path in Caption
  • Pesistent selection settings
  • Pesistent scroll settings
  • ..and a lot more..

TED Notepad is well acknowledged

Sample of rewarding awards and reviews..

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, etc.

End User License Agreement. List of TED Notepad features.

Current version 6.3.1. Dec 1, 2021. ChangeLog. FAQ.

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