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TED Notepad offers an architecture for text-processing filters an tools. These are common console-based applications that can read text from theit console input and write text to their console output. This page lists only common examples of such filters, the full list of all useful filters is only known by Google.

Third party licenses

All packages on this page are standalone projects/applications with their own terms of use and licenses. TED Notepad is not affiliated with any of them in any way. Please note that some of them may not be free for some kinds of use. Refer to their licenses and/or end user agreements to determine, whether and how you can use them.


For most of these packages to install, unzip and copy all their contents to any shell directory. Then open TED Notepad and add the respective Command and Description strings in the Settings dialog, Filters page.

cmd /c  dir /b %2 "%1"
%1	path
/s subdirectories
/a:atrs attributes
d directories
r read-only
h hidden
a archive
s system
- prefix of "not"

example (listing of system files on the c: drive):

cmd /c dir /b /s /a:s c:\
GNU Grep ver. 2.5.1 grep.zip 68kb
grep -a%2 -e %\1
%1	pattern
E extended regexps
i ignore case
v invert matching
w whole words must match
x whole line must match
n print line numbers too
o output only matching part

example (removes lines containing words hello or hallo):

grep -av -e"h[ea]llo"
GNU Cut ver. 2.1 cut.zip 9kb
cut -n %2 -%1
%1  (use "f" or "c", but only one of them)
f field[,field,..]
c charrange[,charrange,...]
N N'th, counted from 1
N- from N'th, to end of line
N-M from N'th to M'th (included)
-M from first to M'th (included)

-d ":" delimiter, if other than space
-s only delimited

example (fields 2,3,5,6,7,9 delimited by semicolon):

cut -n -d ";" -f2,3,5-7,9
Mozilla Firefox
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe "%F"
No parameters are required.

Filters wish-list

This list covers filters that were suggested by users. If you are a programmer interested in sharing some useful code, consider implementing them and submitting a link to them to this page.. Thank you in advance.

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