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The easiest way to show your support and interest, and to encourage me continuing this mission, is to make a donation of your choice. The money raised here is used to pay for this site and to buy software and hardware necessary for its development. This is a freeware and will remain freeware, and as such, relies on your kindness.

Regular donors and patrons: Sud Banerjee, Steve Trambert, Charles Wong, David Eliason, Veronika Loudova, Martin Tkac. Thank you for your constant support.
Donations of the month: Martin Tkac, Veronika Loudova. Thank you for your kindness.
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Thanks for recent donations (in random order):
Dave Sandeman, Yves Lepage, Joseph Raine, Aycardo Veterinary Center Inc, ASPWired, Inc, Andrew Tudberry, Mark Renwick, David Senior, Francisco Adán Reyes Guerra, Serban Dragne, Uku‑Kaarel Jõesaar, Paul Lupa, Peter Kovacs, Carlo Barcellan, Thomas Little, Anthony Tulio, Instant Attitudes, Charles L Hamilton, Dan Cunningham, Rob van Putten, R Frank Wayman, Niels Cambon‑Brandt, David Long, Konstantine Sykiotis, Rudy Espinoza, Alfred Franz Simkovics, Andrew Schultz, Bennett Roesch, Persimmon consulting, Mike Wilmot‑Dear, Ryan Creel, TKABE Technologies, Inc., JG Weston, Bruce Bunker, David Shaheen, Daniel Talsky, 徐 翔, Kevin Kelleher, Sherwood Anderson, Ken Akasofu, Terry Dansey, Generose Lambert, Pioneer Spirit Enterprises LLC, Ruben Moran, Cecil Ellis, Jay Matthews, Richard Hixson, Adriana Ferguson, Brad Hall, Paul Kent, David Casey, Houke de Vries, Nicola Giacobbe, Andreas Göbel, Vito Orlando, Frank Nash, Patrick Forkin, Marek Klikar, Hubert Jakubiec, Antonio Rodríguez García, Roland Fischer, David Andersen, Roy Axford, Michael Reindl, Matthew Ahmed, Naing Win, Noam Sondak, Michael Warseck, Pablo Puga Reynolds, Sudipta Banerjee, Chris Collins, Todd Williams, Rainer Clements, Investment Strategy Inc, Caio Kramer, Mark Palmos, Rod Vance, Nino Ortner, Amanda Kistilensa, Thomas Clements, Marybeth Long, Alton Allen, Zoran Zakic, Pierfrancesco Aiello, Yahya Musoke, Donald Sorensen, Hyun Sheung Heo, Shiv Prabhu, Mike Hubbard, Henk van Setten, William Trenaman, Andrzej Nowicki, Konrad Grzeslak, Jonathan Max‑Sohmer, Ben Hickson, Danny Hand, Peter Lundquist, Benjamin Hickson, Adrian Popa, Harry Parshall, JC van der Hem, Charles K Wong, Peep Dimse, Guildford Group Arts, Donald McCready, Netzverb® Deutsch, David Gomez, and many others who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Note: Have you donated, but your name is not on the list yet? The list is populated mainly on per-request basis. Ask for inclusion by sending an e-mail to notepadjsimlo.sk. I would be glad to add your name.

Spread the Word

TED Notepad is primarily meant for users with non-trivial demands and tasks: Those that need to quickly extract information from text, find duplicate lines or sort them, convert case, replace or reverse something non-trivial, etc. As such, the amount of true users is growing rather slowly and there is naturally few people recommending this utility further to others who might be interested.

Become an ambassador for this project. Help spreading the word. Tell your friends about TED Notepad, if you feel they could benefit from it as well. Post to a forum or a discussion, if the topic is right (but do not spam). Or perhaps post a link to this site on social networks to make it more popular. Or write about it on your blog or place a button/link on your website. Thank you!

TED Notepad, free replacement! TED Notepad, free replacement! TED Notepad, free replacement! TED Notepad, free replacement! TED Notepad, free replacement!

There is no point in spamming places, where people are not interested in software pieces like this. But there are many places where people are actually searching for us and they can not find us there.

Become a Tester

As with any other software, the group of testers puts considerable efforts and resources towards testing new releases before they go public. Though we can say we have been quite skilled and lucky with this task so far, since only few bugs actually made it to public and final releases, this does not mean we are done.

We could use more people, both skilled testers and ordinary users. Current testing versions of the application are self-testing a lot as they are run and used, but we still need someone to use them, edit text and launch tools for any self-testing to take place. Once you start a testing version, you actively test it, even when you do not think about it. When something undesirable happens, you are usually warned and asked to report it. That's mostly all that's to it. Can you do that for us? Become a tester!

Recent bug reporters and active testers (alphabetically):
David Roper, Doug Tally, Frank Walter, Jim Harmon, Jon Tech, Martin Tkac, Mike Welch, Tim Sneller, 천상천하, and others who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Criticize a bit

There are plenty of things that could be done better and nicer. This web is a good example. If you think something is not right, suggest a correction or better wording. If you think the web-design is not that great anymore, suggest a better solution or another color perhaps? Sometimes we just don't get it right ... :)

Site made with TED Notepad, free replacement! Site made with TED Notepad, free replacement!

Write back

I have received many good e-mails over the years, and I am always grateful for your support, encouragement and suggestions. I have read them all and they sure helped me to continue this project. At times they provide the necessary fuel to push yet another feature, yet another release.

Actually, there is something in return for me: Knowing that you are there, that you like and use this piece, it encourages me to go on and do more. I am glad to be able to share this application with you, and I am always happy to learn what you like about it.

Site made with TED Notepad
Big "thank you" to all donations, suggestions, support, feature requests and bug reports.
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