The story of TED Notepad

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At the beginning, TED Notepad was just a tiny personal notepad replacement. Written to help me with the most frequent tasks and perhaps ease the typing a bit. I didn't strive to create a heavy fully-loaded editor. I never wanted and never needed one. Perhaps a few friends used it back then, before I ever published it for public download..

About the project

The application was originally developed at the Labs of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague; written in Assembler and C language (no MFC, no C++, no Borland), using the system API only. Perhaps in contrast to other notepad replacements, the initial development priority of TED Notepad was to create a small, simple and fast text-processing program. With no wizards, objects and toolbars; but with help and support of other students there; I think it became what it was supposed to be.

A bit about the author

I was born in 1982 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Right now I live in Prague, Czech Republic. I study computer science and work as a database engineer and object architect in a small company. I also play Ultimate Frisbee in a team called Prague 7.

Besides many interests in computer technologies, my hobbies include whitewater sports, alpine hiking and playing acoustic guitar. I like animals, mostly of the family Felidae; then dogs, elephants and horses. I read fantasy literature, and finally, I spend a lot on jigsaw puzzles.

Some statistics

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