Where are all the features? Can't find them..

(from TED Notepad FAQ)

TED Notepad does not expose its features thru toolbars, coolbars or ribbons, like funky clicky applications do these days. And this is one of the features, by the way. TED Notepad hides its features well within its categorized menus, and makes them ready and handy mostly by hotkeys. Yes, this is probably not what you are used to from other notepad alternatives, but that is a feature as well. You can make the most of TED Notepad by touching the keybord every now and then. Relying entirely on mouse is not what the design of this notepad replacement had in mind.

So, where are all the features?

Which ones would you like to see? The various line-modifying tools? Some classic time-savers? Proud searching capabilities with regular expressions? Handy file handling with various encodings and codepages? Or a few more clipboards? And have you seen the best sorting tool ever? Or perhaps you could get the full picture faster from the full list of features.

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