I sent you a message x months ago. Could you reply?

(from TED Notepad FAQ)

I do reply, at least I try to reply, although two things can have an impact on when you get the reply:

The first thing is obviously my free time. I try to minimize delays, but they do happen from time to time. Especially during holidays, project releases at work, honeymoon, etc. Don't worry, I do reply to your messages.

The second thing is a problem. The problem. The one that makes you realize you just can't be friends with everyone. Or can you? You see, every now and then I get a message like this:

Recently upgraded to your new version, ready to downgrade. Still got not backup working properly. And why is there still character that cannot be searched? Big boner is is REALLY BOTHERING me... NO MORE DELETE??? Why? Added swap, ok what ever. But I WANT DELETE!!!! why lose such a BASIC FUNCTION?

Right. I did the mistake a few times and tried to reply to that. I tried to ignore the tone and just answered the questions. Well, it ended badly, no matter what. Perhaps it was my tempers, maybe theirs. It just always ends badly. A lot of freeware authors seem to experience this every now and then. Blogging about it, or just making fun of it. So consider this FAQ entry my two cents to the issue. And be assured that I don't mind getting these types, I don't delete them, I just don't reply to them anymore. It is better for everyone this way.

Your product, which is free, and documented as doing certain things failed at those things. It had that one job I gave it, because it was advertized as having that feature, and it failed. It failed at the one job I gave it, which it was supposed to do based on documentation on the site. What kind of ridiculous idea is it that only named files need backups? It is the untitled ones that need backups most of all!!!

Legal note: You are not eligible to assume you are of the type described herein, even if you receive no reply from me in any given time implicitly or explicitly stated, inherently suggested or otherwise insinuated.

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