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#18: Auto-save Untitled documents (into temp directory)

Category: File SubCategory: Autosave
Status: Implemented (2013-10-20 01:32:17) Priority: Next Release Difficulty: Normal Created: jsimlo
Comment from jsimlo on Tue, Mar 26, 2013, 18:23 (comment id #31)
Auto-saves from Untitled documents should probably go into %user%\AppData\Roaming\TedNPad folder, though this folder does not exist on all versions of Windows.
Comment from jsimlo on Tue, Mar 26, 2013, 18:27 (comment id #32)
We might need to check the contents of the storage folder upon each launch. Then give the user option to explore such folder upon existing files. Alternatively, we can leave the checking to the user (the user should know, when documents got lost, right?). Open the folder for exploring when the user chooses to do so manually.

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