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TedNPad : Bug (1 votes)

#20: Always display document name in the taskbar

Category: Main SubCategory: Caption
Status: Fixed (2013-09-08 20:26:12) Priority: Next Release Difficulty: Trivial Created: jsimlo
Version: 6.0.2.beta
Comment from jsimlo on Tue, Mar 26, 2013, 19:02 (comment id #34)
In the Taskbar, always display the document name rather than full file path, even if full file path is displayed in the caption. This would be more helpful when a user has more than one file opened from the same path. Right now, only the beginning of the file path is displayed, one has to mouse over to see the file name, which is at the very end. The "show full file path in caption" option is not that helpful when used in Taskbar area.
Comment from jsimlo on Sun, Sep 8, 2013, 18:29 (comment id #137)
Document title is now displayed in the taskbar and caption before the full file path. If the "show full file path in caption" option is turned on, the caption and the taskbar display the name of the current document like this: TedNPad.txt - c:\Documents\TedNPad.txt - TED Notepad

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