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This section is up to date for TED Notepad version
Ctrl+N Creates a new document.
Ctrl+O Shows the Open dialog. Then opens a document from a specified file.
Ctrl+S Saves the current document to a file.
Ctrl+B Shows the Save As dialog. Then saves the current document to a new specified file.
Ctrl+E Reverts (reloads) the current document from its file. Discards any unsaved changes.
Alt+Ctrl+I Includes a file into the current document.
Alt+Ctrl+D Excludes the current selection into a file.
Ctrl+F9 Opens the Properties dialog of a file of the current document.
Ctrl+P Shows the Print dialog. Then Prints the current document.
Ctrl+M Minimizes the window of TED Notepad into the System Tray.
F12 Launches a new window of TED Notepad.
Esc Closes the current document and exits.
F10 Saves the current document and exits.
Shift+Esc Exits without saving the current document and/or any settings!
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