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This section is up to date for TED Notepad version
Alt+Up Scrolls one line up.
Alt+Shift+Up Scrolls five lines up.
Alt+Down Scrolls one line down.
Alt+Shift+Down Scrolls five lines down.
Alt+Left Scrolls three characters left.
Alt+Shift+Left Scrolls fifteen characters left.
Alt+Right Scrolls three characters right.
Alt+Shift+Right Scrolls fifteen characters right.
Alt+Home Scrolls to the beginning of the document.
Alt+End Scrolls to the end of the document.
Alt+Page Up Scrolls one page up.
Alt+Page Down Scrolls one page down.
Alt+Insert Scrolls back to the caret position.
Wheel Up Scrolls a few lines up.
Wheel Down Scrolls a few lines down.
Ctrl+Wheel Up Scrolls a few characters left.
Ctrl+Wheel Down Scrolls a few characters right.
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