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Intel Pentium CPU Instruction Set Reference

BSF instruction - Bit Scan Forward

Code Mnemonic Description
0F BC BSF r16, r/m16 Bit scan forward on r/m16
0F BC BSF r32, r/m32 Bit scan forward on r/m32


Searches the source operand (second operand) for the least significant set bit (1 bit). If a least significant 1 bit is found, its bit index is stored in the destination operand (first operand). The source operand can be a register or a memory location; the destination operand is a register. The bit index is an unsigned offset from bit 0 of the source operand. If the contents source operand are 0, the contents of the destination operand is undefined.

Operands Bytes Clocks
r16, r16 3 6 - 34 NP
r32, r32 3 6 - 42 NP
r16, m16 3 + d(0, 1, 2) 6 - 35 NP
r32, m32 3 + d(0, 1, 2, 4) 6 - 43 NP


ID unaffected DF unaffected
VIP unaffected IF unaffected
VIF unaffected TF unaffected
AC unaffected SF undefined
VM unaffected ZF sets to 1 if all the source operand is 0; otherwise, is cleared
RF unaffected AF undefined
NT unaffected PF undefined
IOPL unaffected CF undefined
OF undefined