The next version of TED Notepad

TED Notepad is a chrome-less portable free text editor. It offers nearly 300 text-processing functions, innovative features and other advanced tools. All of them on hotkeys; all designed for quick advanced editing. It is a light-weight free notepad replacement that fits on USB flash disk and loads instantly with no installation required.

New version released, download TED Notepad for free!

New editing features and improvements

  • Multi-level undo and redo with improved undo granularity. Undo buffers can remember the last save-point — when undoing to that point, the document is automatically marked back as unmodified. Besides, undo buffers help re-inserting recently deleted or inserted text — saving the usual copy/paste.
  • Smart Home/End keys, now working with indentation and wrapped lines. Hit them several times to gradually move thru indentation; line beginning/end; and up to the unwrapped line beginning/end.
  • Left gutter with line numbers. Right wrap margin. Visible newlines. Displayable line lengths. Insert/overwrite mode. Zoom In, Zoom Out. Improved and enriched right-click menu.
  • Full and transparent support for binary files and for mixed newlines, with ability to go nuts and break and edit CR/NL newline sequences or other multi-char sequences at will! No more restrictions there..
  • Support for user-defined text and background colors and other small changes and settings all around..

Longer files, longer lines

  • The editor uses indexed buffer storage system that allows to edit very large files comfortably without usual lagging and speed issues. Although the entire file still needs to be loaded and processed first, the work is then as fluent as possible.
  • The ol' notepad's limitation of line length has been removed as well. Current soft limit was set to 1 MiB to prevent accidental 32-bit system failures, but there is no point to limit the line length, is there? And thus, there is no length limit on 64-bit architectures whatsoever.

Do it all with mouse

  • Triple/Quadruple/Quintuple-mouse-clicks can select entire words, lines, paragraph, or even all text. In the Settings dialog, you can choose what is to be selected upon multi-clicking, if you, for example, are not interested in selecting paragraphs.
  • Option to auto-copy selection to clipboard upon selecting with mouse. Paste/Swap from clipboard upon mouse ctrl+right-click. In the Settings, you may choose to paste/swap with just the right-click (like with Linuxes and PuTTY). Then, the ctrl+right-click will invoke the right-click menu.

Auto-UTF-8 and other code pages

  • Transparent auto-recognition of UTF-8 files even without leading BOM signatures. Import/export/reopen of UTF-8 and Unicode files without BOM and including broken files.
  • Import/Export/Reopen of files in all installed code pages. You can now easily convert and switch between all installed code pages as you feel necessary.

Searching with RegExps

  • Escapes and RegExps support was added to searching: a full scale RegExps engine with perl-like syntax and all common PCRE/perlre features and flavours, including back-references, possesive quantifiers, atomic groups and branchers. Escapes and back-references are also allowed in replace patterns.
  • Mimic original text case upon Search and Replace! Some might find this very handy when writting scripts or even documenting source code. Mimic case means that the case of the text being replaced is examined firts; and the replacement is converted (upon unambiguous examination) to mimic that case.
  • Search/replace dialog replaced by small handy search and replace Searchbar. Everyone uses those Searchbars today. Optionally, you can let the Searchbar auto-hide after you are done using it.
  • Delayed search/replace abort dialog. When the search takes too long to finish, abort dialog is automatically displayed. Especially with wrong-doing regexps patterns, canceling becomes inevitable.
  • Search and replace routines were improved in many other parts. Tiny changes, optimizations and improvements can be found all around, yielding to a better overall experience.

Well-known application strength: the tools menu

  • 10 brand new tools and counting: Shuffle Lines tool. Unclose Lines tool. Trim Empty Lines tool. Collapse Empty Lines tool. Unwrap Lines tool. Shift Lines Right tool. Extract Words tool. Random Case tool. Fun Case tool. Well, the whole set of them — full house.
  • Tools can auto-select text upon empty selection. You can set an option in the Settings dialog to auto-select the current word, line, paragraph or the entire document. When you set this option to disabled, the editor reverts to the old behaviour and asks each time, whether to select all text.
  • Translate Charaters tool supports escapes and ranges. Extended Replace tool supports RegExps and Mimic case options.
  • Not enough? There is more: XML Tag tool improved. Sort tool improved. Columns, Numbers tool improved. Unique Lines tool improved. Find Duplicate Lines tool improved.

Early screenshots of the latest testing version

Early evaluations and opinions

I'd just like to thank jsimlo for implementing a working regex solution.

I thanked ***** (some other text editor) at one point for having Regex... until I started to use it and ran into so many problems that it wasn't even funny.

Thank you very much!
An impressive update.

I've just discovered the new TED Notepad - it's a great little utility.

Love the new program. Small, fast, loads quickly just like the original notepad.

Already sent a donation.. ;-) Keep up!

Big "thank you" to all donations, suggestions, support, feature requests and bug reports.
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