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Model objektov je zbierka hlavnych objektov v projekte. Je to referencny zoznam nazvov a vztahov, na ktorych sme sa predbezne dohodli. Finalne clenenie a nazvy objektov sa mozu miestami lisit. Model objektov implementuje uzivatelsku analyzu. Je sucastou softwaroveho designu.


IndexPage, EP, index.php, jsimlo

LoginPage, EP
LogoutPage, EP
IntroPage, EP
MainMenuQuickBox, QuickBox
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RegistrationPage, EP


SettingsPage, EP, setts.php

SettingsPasswdPage, EP
SettingsSettingsPage, EP
SettingsKillUserPage, EP
SettingsProfilePage, EP
SettingsWatermarkPage, EP


KeepPage, EP, keep.php, jsimlo

StatisticsPage, EP
CleanupPage, EP


NotificationsPage, EP, notif.php


PeoplePage, EP, people.php, Zlatka

UserListPage, EP
RelativesPage, EP


UserPage, EP, user.php, Zlatka

UserDetailPage, EP
UserMailPage, EP


CategoryPage, EP, category.php, Zlatka

CategoryListPage, EP
CategoryEditPage, EP
CategoryMovePage, EP
CategoryDeletePage, EP


GroupPage, EP, group.php, Zlatka

GroupDetailPage, EP
GroupEditPage, EP
GroupDeletePage, EP
GroupStatePage, EP
GroupJoinPage, EP
GroupUsersPage, EP


DirectoryPage, EP, albums.php, Jana

DirectoryListPage, EP
  • DisplayList()           // displays list of albums and directories (filtered, sorted, paged, etc..)
  • UpdateDirectories()           // updates state of a directory
DirectoryEditPage, EP
  • DisplayForm()           // displays form for adding/suggesting new directory; or for modifying directory attributes
  • SaveDirectory()           // saves (insert or update) directory into dbase
DirectoryDeletePage, EP
  • DeleteDirectory()           // deletes the directory with destination (moves and merges childs)
DirectoryMovePage, EP
  • DisplayForm()           // displays form for moving a directory or album
  • UpdateDirectory()           // moves and merges the directory with destination
  • UpdateAlbum()           // moves the album into destination
FavouriteAlbumsPage, EP
  • DisplayForm()           // displays form of favourite albums
  • DeleteFavourites()           // removes album form favourite albums


AlbumPage, EP, album.php, Jana

AlbumDetailPage, EP
  • DisplayInfo()           // displays info about album
  • DisplayContent()           // displays photos or discussion of the album
  • DisplayForm()           // displays form of editable attributes of the album
  • SaveAlbum()           // saves (updates or inserts) attributes into dbase
  • DeleteAlbum()           // deletes album from dbase
  • DisplayForm()           // displays form for banning an album
  • UpdateAlbum()           // updates new state and reason into database
AlbumAddPhotosPage, EP
  • DisplayForm()           // displays photo grid with check boxes
  • InsertPhotosInAlbum()           // adds photos to album
  • SendNotifications()           // sends notifications about new photos in album
AlbumManagePhotosPage, EP
  • DisplayForm()           // displays photo grid with check boxes
  • UpdatePhotos()           // updates state of selected photos in album
  • DeletePhotos()           // deletes selected photos from album
  • SendNotifications()           // sends notifications about new photos in album
AlbumGroupsPage, EP
  • DisplayForm()           //
  • InsertGroupInAlbum()           // inserts new groups in album
  • UpdateGroupsInAlbum()           // modifies selected groups in album
  • DeleteGroupsInAlbum()           // deletes selected groups in album


StoragePage, EP, storage.php, Jana

PhotoListPage, EP
  • DisplayList()           // displays list of photos (filtered, sorted, paged, etc..)
  • UpdatePhotos()           // move selected photos into trash
  • DeletePhotos()           // delete photos (all from trash) from dbase
PhotoAddPage, EP
  • DisplayFormAdd()           // displays form for adding new photos (files, tags, common attributes)
  • DisplayFormAlbums()           // displays grid of albums with check boxes (owned or favourites only)
  • CheckPhotos()           // checks, whther the new photos can be added (storage size limit, photo max size, etc.)
  • InsertPhotos()           // inserts the photos into database
  • InsertPhotosInAlbum()           // inserts the photos into selected album (see DisplayAlbums())
PhotoTagsPage, EP
  • DisplayForm()           // displays form of tags with current photo tags
  • UpdateTags()           // updates the list of tags into database


PhotoPage, EP, photo.php, Jana

PhotoDetailPage, EP
  • DisplayInfo()           // displays main photo detail (image, score, sizes, etc.)
  • UpdatePhoto()           // updates new score into the database
PhotoEditPage, EP
  • DisplayFormAll()           // displays form of all editable attributes
  • DisplayFormCommon()           // displays form of common editable attributes
  • UpdatePhoto()           // updates attributes into dbase
PhotoUpdatePage, EP
  • DisplayForm()           // displays form for uploading a new photo version
  • CheckPhoto()           // checks, whether the sizes of the new photo
  • UpdatePhoto()           // inserts the new image and updates the photo
  • SendNotifications()           // sends notifications
PhotoAlbumsPage, EP
  • DisplayForm()           // displays form with albums where a foto is added
  • DeletePhotosInAlbum()           // deletes photo from selected albums


PhotoPreviewPage, EP, preview.php, Jana
  • Display()           // returns JPEG data of the image to the output
  • FindPreview()           // finds, whether a preview already exists and returns an url to it (or false :)
  • GeneratePreview()           // generates (or just finds one, if already exists) a preview and returns an url to it


DiscussionPage, EP, talk.php

DiscussionListPage, EP
  • DisplayList()           // displays list of comments or discussion items (foltered, sorted, paged, etc.)
DiscussionEditPage, EP
  • DisplayForm()           // displays form for adding new comment or editing an old one
  • SaveComment()           // saves (insert or update) comment into dbase
  • SendNotifications()           // sends notifications
DiscussionManagePage, EP
  • DisplayForm()           // displays form for deleting and approving comments
  • UpdateComment()           // updates state of selected comments
  • DeleteComment()           // delete selected comments (+ their already deleted parents) (+ optionally their childs)


UglyPage, EP, ugly.php, Jana

  • DisplayList()           // displays list of all ugly entries
  • DisplayEntry()           // displays single ugly entry (all its instances at once)
  • DisplayForm()           // displays form for adding new ugly entry
  • InsertUgly()           // inserts an ugly entry
  • DeleteUgly()           // deletes an ugly entry (all its instances at once)


CaptchaPage, EP, captcha.php, Peto

  • Generate()           // generates new text and returns its hash
  • Display()           // returns captcha jpg-data from given hash
  • Verify()           // verifies given text against given hash


TagFilter, -, jsimlo

  • Run()           // executes necessary code for loading tag lists
  • Display()           // displays form for specifying tag filters
  • HarvestIn()           // harvest selected include tags from a given request
  • HarvestOut()           // harvest selected exclude tags from a given request
  • HarvestExact()           // tells, whether ! was used in a given request
  • IsSent()           // tells, whether a given request contains sent form for specifying tag filters


Grid, -, jsimlo

AlbumGrid, Grid, Jana
PhotoGrid, Grid, Jana
GroupGrid, Grid, Zlatka
UserGrid, Grid, Zlatka
NotificationGrid, Grid
DiscussionGrid, Grid
UglyGrid, Grid, Jana