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Welcome to Foto project workspace

This wiki is now devoted to serve as a team workspace for Foto project. It contains project development, documentation, incurred issues, discussions and other development team notes. All the development team may need to make some good progress. Most of the content here is in the phase of under construction, as-it-happens or to be done later. All the finished work and official documents/packages are (or shall be) released on the main project page. Furthermore, most of the content here is written in Czech or Slovak language.


Part devoted to the main development. Includes specifications, concepts, architectures and designs.




Part devoted to the documentation. Includes main ducumentation, reference manual, installation notes, changelogs, readmes, reports and other docs.

User manual

Solution notes

Development documentation

Development Team

Part devoted to the development team. Includes notes, discussions, meeting records, incurred and/or solved issues, personal stuff.


  • News - News about this wiki. Also accessible through a link named Current events in the left main menu.
  • Help:Contents - Main help page, which contains links to other helps and FAQs.
  • Help:Template - List of all useful templates here.