Welcome to jsimlo.sk

TED Notepad

Powerful text editor and notepad alternative that fits on a floppy or USB and loads instantly with no installation required. Offers many text-processing functions and tools, many hotkeys and clipboards. You will find several innovative features too.

Griddlers Solver

Easy-to-use application for creating and solving griddlers puzzles. Includes a powerful and quick solving engine that works like humans do and can be used for hints as well as for watching the solving process as a video.

Smaller projects

There are several smaller projects running on this site, some of them public:


Blog about travelling around the world with a dog. Articles written by Veronika Loudova and her labrador.

S.P.A.M. Poison

Site full of fake e-mail addresses designed to spoil automatic e-mail harvesting. The project features a large swarm of pages with lots of phantom e-mails, along with reasonable names and text. The funny part is, that most of the e-mails are on known spammer owned domains.

Web Calendar

Free and simple web-calendar for on-line web pages. Supports individual skins and other options. No javascripts, applets or flashes are required. Works through IFRAME html elements, although it can also be included directly into the html code.

Notify Minimizer

Small tool that minimizes windows into the system tray by right-clicking the Minimize button of any window. No installation is needed, the tool is fully portable and can be runned directly from a USB.

Personal homepage

Some personal stuff, contacts, photos, guestbook and a small surprise (in slovak only).

Project Foto

New and running project of an innovative multi-user photo storage system with photo albums and photo competitions. Curretnly under heavy development.