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Did you know what bug stands for?

Navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper was famous for explaining computer terms with an explanation so everyone could understand. After all it was the 1950's. She showed people a short, soda straw and would explain that that's how far an electricity can travel in a microsecond. People loved her. She's gone today, sadly.

The Navy was trying to run a complicated math equation one night. The algorithm would run all night long. When the operators came in the next morning, however, the computer had not finished, so they went into the airconditioned structure to find out what had happened. They found a moth between two contacts of one of the relays. One worker took a pair of tweezers and simply removed the moth who had been drawn there by the flashing lights and warmth. The moth had died, but it stopped the calclation for the night's run.

After the moth had been removed, the calculation started right up and finished a few hours later. Admiral Grace remarked to the press that they had discovered a bug in the program. That term stuck.

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TedNPad : Bugs
# Category Sub Title Status Priority Difficulty
249 Main Debug TedMainWndPlacement assertion error Fixed Next Release Normal
94 Edit Render Text is blurry with DPI scaling 150% Fixed Next Release Difficult
85 Edit Render Italic font not displayed correctly when line is drawn in pieces Fixed Next Release Normal
14 Main Position Application window appears incorrectly behind Taskbar Fixed Next Release Normal
24 Edit Right-click menu Right-click menu shows on the wrong monitor if the main window is on the secondary monitor Fixed Next Release Easy
232 Main Storage Keyboard focus is lost upon Hide to Tray Fixed Next Release Easy
67 Main System TED Notepad windows are hidden after Windows Explorer crashes Fixed Next Release Normal
82 Edit Mouse Change selection upon (paste with) mouse right-click Fixed Next Release Trivial
25 File Autosave Auto-save file is not removed after recovery Fixed Next Release Normal
56 Tools Columns Numbering of non-empty lines Fixed Next Release Normal
13 File Encoding Saving UNICODE files without BOM Fixed Next Release Easy
19 Main Config Stay-on-Top is not remembered between sessions Fixed Next Release Easy
15 Dlg Complete Word Sorted CompleteWord inserts incorrect suggestions Fixed Next Release Easy
58 Edit Feature Insert recently inserted unavailable upon replacing Fixed Next Release Easy
26 Search Replace Message after successfull replace is confusing upon no more findings Fixed Next Release Easy
20 Main Caption Always display document name in the taskbar Fixed Next Release Trivial
17 Edit Hotkey Shift+BackSpace should work the same as BackSpace alone Fixed Next Release Trivial
12 Edit System Composing characters with IME Fixed Highly Desired Normal
TedNPad : Requests
# Category Sub Title Status Votes Priority Difficulty
39 Edit HighLight Text Coloring Implemented 2 Next Release Complex
242 File Load Allow disabling the Warning: Loaded file is binary message Implemented 0 Next Release Easy
23 Edit Feature Push the current line up or down Implemented 5 Next Release Normal
105 Update AutoUpdate Auto-update feature Implemented 10 Next Release Difficult
72 File Backup Option to create multiple versions of backup files Implemented 1000 Next Release Normal
18 File Autosave Auto-save Untitled documents (into temp directory) Implemented 12 Next Release Normal
63 Tools Sort Ignore case in Sort Ascending and Sort Descending tools Implemented 1 Next Release Normal
70 Dlg Statistics Add accelerators to the Statistics dialog for easy access Implemented 1 Next Release Trivial

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