TED Notepad ChangeLog

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This listing describes all major changes between previous versions of TED Notepad. Minor changes that did not affect difference between major versions listed here are omitted.

Version 6.2.1 (Aug 22, 2019)
+ Added: Text Coloring.
+ Added: Grep, Filter lines by Pattern tool.
+ Added: Visually highlight Current Line.
+ Added: Length of the Current Selection shown in the Status bar.
+ Added: Visible newlines based on actual newlines.
+ Added: Visible Tabs.
* Optimized drawing long lines and lines containing surrogates, composite characters, clusters.
* Left margin no longer obscures text shifted to the left by horizontal scroll.
* Added hint to Replace All Abort dialog suggesting Extended Replace tool instead.
* Changed default value for File size warning setting to 10MiB.
- Fixed: Undoing all changes makes the document unmodified.
- Fixed: Unicode and non-unicode version no longer share the same config when storing strings.
- Fixed: Preventing one file operation to run within another one, e.g. auto-save while loading a document.
- Fixed: Including an empty file no longer changes current document's newlines.
- Fixed: Drag-and-drop editing and Right-click on a single-character selection no longer impossible.
- Fixed: Longer lines were not fully drawn with larger fonts due to limitations in Windows API.
- Fixed: Default font size, printing font size, and font sizing algorithms, better DPI aware-ness.
- Fixed: Line lengths are no longer jumping back and forth when selecting lines.
- Fixed: Resizing window height recalculates potentially changing size of the horizontal scrollbar.
- Fixed: Horizontal scrolling no longer recalculates horizontal scrollbar.
- Fixed: Printing leading line tabs with non-zero left page margin.
- Fixed: Replacing text unnecessarily redrawing following lines.
- Fixed: Tab size visual extent rendering.
- Fixed: Replace tool zero-length matching after non-zero-length matches.
- Fixed: Partial loading of files over 4GB large.
- Fixed: Partial UTF-8 BOM recognition.
Changes against version 6.1.1.
Version 6.1.1 (Dec 4, 2016)
+ Added: Support for IME composing window.
+ Added: Added support for DPI-aware scaling.
+ Added: Push Line Up and Push Line Down for moving lines around.
+ Added: Drag&Drop editing; moving text by mouse is available via both buttons.
+ Added: Setting: Auto-save Untitled documents (into the Temp path).
+ Added: Setting: Store auto-save files in the Temp path instead of current directory.
+ Added: Setting: Store backup files in the Temp path instead of current directory.
+ Added: Setting: Temp path for storing autosave and backup files to, with relative paths support.
+ Added: Setting: Create backup files with hidden attribute.
+ Added: Setting: Create multiple backup files and rotate them.
+ Added: Setting: Warn on loading binary files.
+ Added: Setting: Ignore case in quick Sort tools.
+ Added: Check for Updates and Automatic Check for updates.
+ Added: If there is a new version available, hint is displayed in the StatusBar.
+ Added: Command line parameter: /u Check for Updates.
+ Added: Command line parameter: /l Goto Line accepts negative numbers and works from the end.
+ Added: Command line parameter: /c Goto Offset accepts negative numbers and works from the end.
+ Added: Command line parameter: /s Set Selection accepts negative numbers and works from the end.
+ Added: Command line parameters: /l Goto Line and /c Goto Offset can be used together.
- Fixed: Italics fonts are no longer clipped.
- Fixed: Selection background does not clip nearby characters anymore.
- Fixed: Each tab character now enforces at least some minimum visual extent.
- Fixed: Selected end-of-line extent and visible end-of-line extent were unified.
- Fixed: When switching to another instance of the same document, no unexpected questions are asked.
- Fixed: Message about another instance takes precedence over message about lost auto-save found.
- Fixed: Document is not auto-saved if there are no modifications since last auto-save.
- Fixed: The user is now warned that it is necessary to save recovered document.
- Fixed: Auto-save file was not always removed after successful recovery.
- Fixed: Canceling Revert operation no longer removes current auto-save.
- Fixed: Chosen encoding or code page is no longer reset during Revert.
- Fixed: Overwrite flag is no longer reset during Revert or Re-open.
- Fixed: Creating a new file during loading adds such new file to Recent files.
- Fixed: Relative paths are supported for Template file and are not updated during loading.
- Fixed: Changing current encoding also changes BOM flag to reasonable default.
- Fixed: Default newlines are used upon no newlines in the loaded file.
- Fixed: Default newlines are used upon mixed newlines in the loaded file when No mixed newlines are in force.
- Fixed: Default newlines are used upon mixed newlines in the document if No mixed newlines are turned on.
- Fixed: Lists of available codepages split into categories for easier navigation.
- Fixed: Shift+BackSpace deletes previous character just like a simple BackSpace.
- Fixed: Insert Recently Inserted text was needlessly unavailable sometimes.
- Fixed: Sorted Complete Word dialog was inserting incorrect suggestions.
- Fixed: Right-click menu could appear on a wrong position upon several displays.
- Fixed: Scrolling by mouse via selecting text outside of edit window has been slowed down.
- Fixed: Message is displayed after successful replace and no further occurrences.
- Fixed: Replace tool used empty string upon undefined back-references, instead of skipping such occurrences.
- Fixed: Propper icon recovery while re-starting crashed Windows Explorer.
- Fixed: Keyboard focus was not relinquished properly upon Hide to Tray.
- Fixed: Saving widnows position and/or size and restoring them was reviewed.
- Fixed: Config INI file is only updated upon actual changes in the config data.
- Fixed: Some funky edge cases were fixed in various tools and features.
* Esc key cancels any ongoing mouse operation.
* Right-click can also be used to select text before the Right-click menu appears.
* Paste from clipboard thru Ctrl+Right-click occurs only upon releasing the button.
* Selected lines are slightly accentuated by double-drawing the text.
* ODO meter and Trip meter were added to the Utility info dialog for amusement.
* Overwrite mode menu item added to Options menu for convenience.
* Date/time glue setting moved from the Tools page to the General page.
* Warning is show in the Status Bar upon saving Unicode file with no BOM.
* Document title is always displayed in the taskbar and caption, even if also showing the full file path.
* Stay on Top is saved along with other common options in the Basic Options category.
* Newlines are now decoded in Could not find messages; with a new setting to disable this.
* Progress percentage during re-wrap has been rewritten to give a more linear user experience.
* The .reloc section was removed from executables in a hope all future Windows will accomodate.
* Executable code was moved back to the .text section where it belongs.
* Read-only data was moved back to the .rdata section where it belongs.
* Text storage engine improved to support files with truckload of lines.
* Text storage engine memory usage and general behaviour optimized.
* Edit box behaviour and other code optimized.
* Utf-8 recognition algorithm fortified.
Changes against version 6.0.2.
Version 6.0.2 (Nov 30, 2011)
- Fixed: Initialization of Random number generator in multi-threaded tools.
Changes against version 6.0.1.
Version 6.0.1 (Nov 2, 2011)
This version is a complete rewrite of the entire project. Small changes might be left out by omission.
+ Search and Replace dialog replaced by Search Bar.
+ Added: Support for Escapes and Regular Expressions in search/replace patterns.
+ Added: Experimental Search and Last Tool concept. Similar to Search and Replace.
+ Added: Long searches automatically display an abort dialog.
+ Added: Option to Mimic Case upon Search and Replace.
+ Added: Auto-search for current word upon no selection in Find Selected.
+ Added: Extended Replace also supports Escapes, RegExps and Mimic Case.
+ Added: Support for user-defined color of text and background.
+ Added: Random Color Scheme generator in Settings dialog.
+ Added: Display Line Numbers, Newlines and Line Lengths.
+ Added: ZoomIn, ZoomOut, ZoomReset.
+ Added: Auto-recognition of UTF-8 files without BOM.
+ Added: Import/Export/Reopen file in chosen encoding or codepage.
+ Added: Full transparent support for binary files (load+edit+save).
+ Added: Full transparent support for mixed newlines (load+edit+save).
+ Added: Command line parameter: /b Skips the "Create new file" question.
+ Added: Option to auto-save documents directly to their original files.
+ Added: Option to create recovery auto-save files with hidden attribute.
+ Added: Question, whether to auto-load a lost auto-save version of a file.
+ Added: Question about saving before closing is skipped for empty Untitled documents.
+ Added: Favourite files now support relative paths.
+ Added: Template file for new documents.
+ Added: Shuffle Lines tool.
+ Added: First Capital, Random Case and Fun Case tools.
+ Added: Unclose Lines, Trim Empty Lines and Shift Lines Right tool.
+ Added: Collapse Empty Lines tool.
+ Added: Unwrap Lines tool.
+ Added: Extract Words tool.
+ Added: Most tools are now showing their progress and support cancel.
+ Added: Classic old system edit control replaced by new improved editbox.
+ Added: Text storage engine with improved support for working with huge files.
+ Added: Support for very long lines (current limit is set to 1 MiB).
+ Added: Multi-level Undo and Redo. Better Undo granularity.
+ Added: Legacy single-level Undo still available through Alt+BkSpace.
+ Added: More sensitive navigation through entire words.
+ Added: Support for Triple/Quadruple/Quintuple-click and mouse selecting.
+ Added: Option to auto-Copy to clipboard upon mouse selection.
+ Added: Paste/Swap from clipboard upon mouse Ctrl-Right-click.
+ Added: Option to Mimic Case upon Paste from clipboard.
+ Added: Option to auto-select current word/line/paragraph/document upon empty Copy/Cut.
+ Added: Insert Recently Inserted and Recently Deleted text.
+ Added: Support for Smart Home and End keys, working with indentation
+ Added: Support for moving/selecting by entire paragraphs.
+ Added: Option to keep distance between the Caret and window borders.
+ Added: Improved and enriched Right-click menu.
+ Added: Support for Insert/Overwrite mode.
+ Added: Horizontal mouse-wheel scrolling.
+ Added: Improved INI files for saving settings into Config.
+ Added: Support for hierarchical INI file loading.
+ Added: Command line parameter: /i Load specified INI file
+ Added: Location of current INI file added to Settings dialog.
+ Added: Printing font.
+ Added: Page Setup for printing.
+ Added: Check Updates shortcut.
+ Added: Sort tool: Upto five independent sorting keys available.
+ Added: Sort tool: Range of columns can be specified in each sorting key.
+ Added: Sort tool: Option to ignore white-spaces and/or punctuation while sorting.
+ Added: Sort tool: Option to ignore all but alpha-numeric characters while sorting.
+ Added: Sort tool: Option to ignore blank and/or control characters while sorting.
+ Added: Sort tool: Options to ignore characters supported even while sorting as numbers.
+ Added: Sort tool: Uses current user locale settings while sorting as numbers.
+ Added: Sort tool: Support for positive signs while sorting as numbers.
* Modif: Sort tool: Sorting keys no longer depend on previous keys.
+ Added: Columns and Sort tools: Option to "delimit by entire phrase" rather than "separate characters".
+ Added: Columns and Sort tools: Options for saving info from tool dialogs into the Config.
* Modif: Columns and Sort tools: Tool dialogs accept ranges and columns inverted.
+ Added: Columns tool: Random number insertion point (%r).
* Modif: Columns tool: Center alignment modifier changed from ^ to !.
+ Added: Translate Charaters tool: Supports escapes and ranges.
+ Added: XmlTag tool: Works more carefully with singleline/multiline selections.
* Modif: XmlTag tool: Reselects the original selection after enclosing it.
+ Added: XmlTag tool: Option to keep or reset fields "Attributes" and "Empty".
+ Added: Compare tool: State of checkboxes from tool dialog are saved into Config.
+ Added: Compare tool: Option for saving the compared strings into Config as well.
+ Added: Filters: New variable %S, which expands with current selection.
+ Added: Filters: Option to convert all text to/from UTF-8.
+ Added: Filters: Option to push no input (stdin) into filter.
+ Added: Filters: Option to ignore output (stdout/stderr) from filter.
+ Added: Filters: Option to mix output (stdout/stderr) from filter together.
+ Added: Filters: Option to display filter output as message instead of replacing.
+ Added: Filters: Option to auto-exit when filter is finished.
+ Added: Filters: Option to skip saving upon auto-exit when filter is finished.
+ Added: Filters: Option to ignore filter's return value.
+ Added: Filters: Option to wait for filter to finish.
+ Added: Filters: Option to skip the launch dialog.
+ Added: Filters: Quoting variable modifiers, which escape all double-quotes while expanding.
+ Added: Search and Replace All feature groups Undo steps into one Undo step.
+ Added: Search and Replace All feature shows total count of replacements in the Status Bar.
+ Added: Progress and info messages displayed in the Status Bar during most operations.
+ Added: Undo feature can now remember the last document save-point.
+ Added: Double-clicks on the Status Bar supported (as shortcuts to anticipated actions).
+ Added: Word Wrap indicator in the Status Bar.
+ Added: Current character value in the Status Bar.
+ Added: Suggest filename from first line supports longer filenames.
+ Added: Suggest filename from first line now works also in Exclude File feature.
+ Added: Option to confirm with user whether to exit by Esc key.
+ Added: Option to prevent insertion of control characters.
+ Added: Option to show bold Caret upon Overwrite mode.
+ Added: Option to improve definition of what a word consists of.
+ Added: Option to Indent selection (of multiple lines) with simple Tab key.
+ Added: Option to reduce Undo steps to the last single step upon Save.
+ Added: Option to persist current scrolling during tools.
+ Added: Option to auto-hide the Search Bar after it has been used.
+ Added: Option to auto-hide the Search Bar only after a successful use.
+ Added: Options to reset/keep specific search attributes in the Search Bar.
+ Added: Option to execute search as non-abortable (for compatibility).
+ Added: Option to execute all tools as non-abortable (for compatibility).
+ Added: Option to warn, when a file being loaded is bigger than a specific value.
+ Added: Support for overriding user locale settings (number formats, date/time formats).
+ Added: Many more settings and options to subtly adjust behaviour of features.
- Fixed: Malformed UTF-8 files could cause loading troubles.
- Fixed: Save As dialog allows read-only files when read-only files can be forced.
- Fixed: Save As dialog no longer changes current working directory on the way.
- Fixed: Switch to already opened document, while the other document's window is in tray.
- Fixed: Troubles with changing the opened-and-watched-for-modifications file too rapidly.
- Fixed: The opened-and-watched-for-modifications file no longer share-locked unnecessarily.
- Fixed: Statistics tool: Average line length computed over non-empty lines only.
- Fixed: Statistics tool: Line lengths (avg/min/max) ignore tail white-spaces.
- Fixed: Unique Lines tool: Duplicates of empty lines not counted upon Leave empty lines.
- Fixed: Unique Lines tool: Improved algorithm used in the tool (bug with quadratic impact).
- Fixed: SysTray icon reappears after explorer/taskbar crash and recreation.
* Improved and more user-friendly Goto dialog.
* Statistics tool dialog supports copying of the values into clipboard.
* Settings dialog now remembers the last active tab for convenience.
* All tools working with selection can now auto-select word/line/paragraph/document.
* Changing document Encoding or Newlines makes the document modified.
* Old Margin Bar renamed to Wrap Margin. It soft-wraps lines upon Word Wrap.
* Message "Search pattern not found!" now includes the search pattern.
* Current selection and scrolling try to persist Search and Replace All operation.
* Search and Replace All draws all changes at once if there is no idle CPU.
* Undo is available in the Search Bar, when selection is pre-filled as new pattern.
* Ability to define and use the Second Search through the Search Bar.
* Longer patterns (upto 8 KiB) allowed in the Search Bar.
* The selection is reversed upon searching upwards.
* Word Wrap rewraps the line being edited correctly, including previous word.
* Better maintenance of current scrolling and selection upon reverting the document.
* Better maintenance of current scrolling upon rewrapping lines of the document.
* Horizontal Scroll Bar tries to be a bit smarter and less resource consuming.
* Quote Mail tool removed.
* Few hotkeys modified or switched between functions.
* Tools sub-menu and Edit sub-menu rearranged a bit. All dialogs improved.
* Defaults for some of the settings modified to fit the new capabilities.
* Few config names changed or moved to prevent sharing with old versions.
* Core memory-handling and text-processing routines improved.
* Non-linear generator of pseudo-random numbers used in tools.
* Default fonts changed to Courier New and Arial.
* New application icon introduced.
Changes against version 5.4.1.
Version 5.4.2 (Jun 17, 2009)
- Fixed: Invalid characters in Suggest filename from first line.
Changes against version 5.4.1.
Version 5.4.1 (Apr 30, 2009)
+ Added: Fullscreen mode.
+ Added: Spawn New Window feature.
+ Added: Option for Longest completion in Complete Word feature.
+ Added: Option for Ignore case in Complete Word feature.
+ Added: Option to rotate the Search over the edge of the document.
- Fixed: Favorites menu not numbered with accelerator keys.
- Fixed: Unique Lines and Unique Lines with Ignore case interchanged.
- Fixed: Number of Favorites menu items unnecessarily limited to 10.
- Fixed: Could not Delete Line when there was only one line left in the document.
- Fixed: Remove Empty Lines tool, which could result in crash.
* Size of the printing font and printing margins modified.
* When a loaded file has no newlines, the default newline type is assumed.
* When a loaded file is empty (zero length), the default encoding is assumed.
* XML/HTML Tag tool adds newlines to the content, if used on multiple lines.
* Recent Files recollection option removed from the Settings.
Changes against version 5.3.1.
Version 5.3.1 (Apr 18, 2007)
+ Added: Indent selection is also possible by Tab key. Unindent by Shift+Tab key.
+ Added: Option to show full path and file name within the caption.
+ Added: Option to warn upon loading, if the same file is already opened in another window.
+ Added: Option to watch the opened file and ask for a Revert, when it is changed from outside.
+ Added: Option to auto-save the document every 5 minutes to a temporary recovery file.
+ Added: Option to keep the file name even when the loading has failed (for advanced users).
+ Added: Option to save UTF-8/Unicode files without the leading BOM (for advanced users).
+ Added: Option to load UTF-8/Unicode files without the leading BOM (for advanced users).
+ Added: Option about the default path for Open/Save dialogs.
+ Added: Option to force saving of read-only files.
+ Added: Support for saving of hidden/system files.
+ Added: Option to use the first line as a Filename instead of Untitled.
+ Added: Option to create backup files.
+ Added: Select Line feature.
+ Added: Date/Time and Long Date/Time tools.
- Fixed: Statistics tool calculated values with active word wrapping.
- Fixed: Saving of 3-byte long UTF-8 characters was half-broken.
- Fixed: Occasional bug in backward searching routine.
- Fixed: While saving filters/favourites into the Registry, old values were not being deleted.
* Filter dialog is being skipped, when no parameters are required for an invoked filter.
* Complete word dialod is being skipped, when there is only one possible completion.
* BkSpace/Delete/Truncate Line features no longer works according to the actual word-wrapping.
* While quoting/indenting non-empty lines, only zero-length lines are considered to be empty.
* Saving/loading routines rewritten and optimized for better and safer performance.
* When unicode characters are being loaded in a non-unicode version, warning is displayed.
* The selection persists the Revert feature.
* Application can also remember, whether the window was maximized upon exit.
Changes against version 5.2.1.
Version 5.2.1 (Nov 11, 2006)
+ Added: Find Later.
+ Added: XML/HTML Tag tool.
+ Added: Relative jumping in Go to dialog.
+ Added: Selecting text in Go to dialog.
+ Added: Trim Tailing Spaces tool.
+ Added: Shift Lines Left tool.
+ Added: Remove Empty Lines tool.
+ Added: Reverse Words on Line, Reverse Each Line, Reverse Words tools.
+ Added: New variable (%n) for newlines in Cut Columns tool.
- Fixed: Minor bug with Status Bar panel sizes calculation.
* Enclose Selection places the caret between its strings, if the selection is empty.
Changes against version 5.0.1.
Version 5.0.3 (Jan 11, 2007)
- Fixed: Saving of 3-byte long UTF-8 characters was broken.
- Fixed: Occasional bug in backward searching routine.
Changes against version 5.0.1.
Version 5.0.1 (Jul 12, 2006)
+ Added: Secondary search.
+ Added: Copy Similar Line.
+ Added: Copy Word Above.
+ Added: Cut Columns tool.
+ Added: Find Selected.
+ Added: Both searches are being saved, along with other settings.
+ Added: Full support of storing the settings in a portable INI file.
+ Added: Full support for Mac newlines. Convert from/to Mac tools.
+ Added: Insert Tabs as Spaces and automatic Smart Return auto-indentation.
+ Added: Tabify Indentation and Untabify Indentation tools.
+ Added: Non-empty lines counter into Statistics dialog.
+ Added: Delete Line, Truncate Line, BkSpace Line.
+ Added: Reverse Each Word tool.
+ Added: Option that leaves empty lines in the Unique Lines tool.
+ Added: Option that skips white-spaces in Quote/Indent Selection tool.
+ Added: File modified asterix flag within main window caption.
+ Added: More Status Bar info: Number of lines, line length and document length.
+ Added: Insert File Name and Insert File Title tools.
+ Added: To the next/previous Line, disobeying wordwrapping.
+ Added: Moveable and hideable Right Margin Bar.
+ Added: Setting that counts Line numbers unwrapped even in the Status Bar.
- Fixed: Continuous whole words matching minor bug fixed.
- Fixed: RE clone: Some newline bugs and minor searching bugs fixed.
* Smart Return and Copying Return work with last non-empty unwrapped line.
* Indent Selection tool does not indent empty lines.
* Several features/tools are more compatibile with the Undo feature.
* Goto Line and Goto Char command-line parameters are no longer exclusive.
* The Tabs as Spaces setting also affects the Indent Selection tool.
* Tools converting Unix/Mac newlines no longer work with an entire document.
* New Search menu has been created for both searching mechanisms.
* Hotkeys of Select Word, Add Word and Complete Word have been changed.
* Application is returning negative error codes upon startup troubles.
* Several routines have been optimized to achieve better performance.
* Sorting tool optimized a bit. All line-oriented tools optimized.
Changes against version 4.5.1.
Version 4.5.5 (Jan 04, 2007)
+ Added: File modified flag is also being shown within window caption.
+ Added: Text limit value is allowed to be zero for no actual limit.
+ Added: Printing the selection only is available.
- Fixed: Saving of 3-byte long UTF-8 characters was broken.
- Fixed: Posible memory leaks caused by unhandled realloc failure.
- Fixed: Occasional bug in backward searching routine.
- Fixed: Printing mechanism has been fixed.
- Fixed: Characters recognition is now fully user locale friendly.
- Fixed: Find mechanism is now gathering dialog info only when appropriate.
* Find/Replace mechanism modified to resemble the default notepad behavior.
* Recent files are being remember even upon successful file saving.
* To open Manual, it has to be in the same directory, as the executable is.
Changes against version 4.5.1.
Version 4.5.1 (Jul 1, 2005)
+ Added: Full UTF-8 files support.
+ Added: Full Big-endian UNICODE files support.
+ Added: Swap clipboard and selection (copy and paste together).
+ Added: Find previous, Select to previous features.
+ Added: Find/Replace works in both directions with whole word option enabled.
+ Added: Favourites menu.
+ Added: Whole words option in Extended Replace.
+ Added: Delete all other characters option in Translate Characters.
+ Added: .LOG extension support from Windows Notepad.
+ Added: File Properties dialog of the current document.
+ Added: Word wrapping into printing support.
+ Added: Command line parameter: /p Print.
+ Added: Printing the selection only.
- Fixed: Printing mechanism has been completely rewritten.
- Fixed: Window creeped-up when taskbar was located at the top of the screen.
- Fixed: RE clone only: Find/Replace mechanism counted newlines incorrectly.
* Sorting tool rewritten and optimized a bit. Supports better numbers sorting.
* Enclose Selection tool modified. Enclose Selection dialog added.
* Replace All mechanism now works with the entire document, as supposed to.
* Find/Replace algorithms rewritten and optimized a lot.
* Saving, loading and managing of settings modified.
* Finally, all read and write share locks were removed.
* A warning is raised when conversion from UNICODE to ANSI is not to be lossless.
* A question about creating a new file is raised upon opening a missing file.
* Some tools allowed on empty selections too.
* Assembly-level code optimizations. Speed increased, application size decreased.
Changes against version 4.3.1.
Version 4.3.1 (Sep 14, 2004)
+ Added: Complete Word.
+ Added: Select to Next.
+ Added: Drag & Drop support.
+ Added: Copying Return.
+ Added: Revert.
+ Added: Add Next Word.
+ Added: Save and Exit as F10 hotkey.
+ Added: Full binary files support.
+ Added: Full and transparent UNIX-files support.
+ Added: Last Used Tool.
+ Added tools: Unique Lines, Close Lines.
+ Added tools: Unindent Selection, Unquote Selection.
+ Added tools: Include From File, Exclude Fo File.
+ Added tool: Extended Replace. (Without regular expressions. Use grep as a filter.)
+ Added tool: Filters Architecture. (Simple text-filtering plug-ins architecture.)
+ Added tool: More options and Show column button added to the Sorting tool dialog.
+ Added tool: Crc32 sum value to Statistics tool.
+ Added: Command line parameters: /l Goto line, /c Goto char, /s Set Selection.
+ Added: Command line parameters: /a Select All, /d Do Command.
+ Added: Command line parameters: /nl NoLoad Settings, /ns NoSave Settings.
+ Added: Variety of view scrolling hotkeys. See hotkeys list.
+ Added: Hotkeys to Extended Clipboards dialog.
+ Added: Option of definition of a word: Whether include underscore.
+ Added: Disobey Word Wrapping in Goto Line.
+ Added: RE clone only: auto URL detection.
- Fixed: Troubles with the size and position of minimized/maximized main window.
- Fixed: Multibyte characters save troubles and binary files load minor bug.
* All read-share locks removed, write write-share lock removed.
* Unwrap tool has been modified to preserve paragraphs.
* Missing GetLongPathName export function added for Win95 and WinNT4.
* Smart Return, Title Case and Compare Strings modified a bit.
* Select Word, Delete/BkSpace Spaces (now Delete/BkSpace Word) features modified.
* First RichEdit (RE) clone released.
Changes against version 3.1.1.
Version 3.1.1 (Nov 26, 2003)
+ Added: Recently opened files.
+ Added: Delete Spaces, BkSpace Spaces.
+ Added: Possibility of replacing multiple lines.
+ Added: Automatic use of the selection in Find/Replace Dialogs.
+ Added: Dual font switching (Fixed/Proportional - Default/Custom).
+ Added tools: Date/time Tools.
+ Added tools: Sort Ascending, Sort Descending.
+ Added tools: Indent Selection, Quote mail.
+ Added tools: Comit Word Wrap, Unwrap Selection.
+ Added: Left selection margin, Tab size, Default file type.
+ Added tools: Compare, Statistics.
+ Added: Select Word, Smart Return.
+ Added tools: Title and Sentence Case tools.
+ Added: Manual and instalation. Help was removed.
* Sorting tool optimized. Reading/saving of files optimized.
* Maintenance of Settings was completely modified.
* Hotkeys of some tools were modified.
Changes against version 2.6.1.
Version 2.6.1 (Dec 16, 2002)
+ Added tool: Sort - beta version of the sorting tool.
+ Added: Word Wrap option.
+ Added: Save Settings option.
+ Added: Tab characters can be inserted into dialog boxes easily.
+ Added tools: Reverse Text, Reverse Lines and Translate Characters.
+ Added: Saving of extended clipboards content.
+ Added: Warning that file length differs from loaded text length.
+ Added: Warning about Text Limit value.
+ Added tools: Enclose selection, Quote text.
+ Added: Save settings between sessions (Window position, Status bar, ...).
+ Added: Text Limit value -> Unlimited text size possibility.
Changes against version 2.4.
Version 2.4 (Jul 24, 2002)
* This version was something like the original Windows Notepad; with a status bar and nine extended clipboards; with text case conversion tools and UNICODE/UNIX/Win compatibility. It was full of hotkeys and dreams... Dreams to be implemented.

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