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Current stable version

6.2.1, Aug 22, 2019

For other versions, systems, clones; current and legacy; see below.

Recent versions

Next version: The date of public release of a new version is closing in. Join our low-traffic mailing-list and receive a notification, when it is ready. Note: The group is used only by the author and only to post new release announcements. We take your privacy seriously.

6.2.1, Aug 22, 2019

6.1.1, Dec 4, 2016

6.0.2, Nov 30, 2011

5.4.2 Final, Jun 17, 2009

5.4.2 Beta, RE clone, Jun 17, 2009, (What is this?)

Legacy versions

Older and simpler versions are still available and supported for those, who would like their notepad a bit smaller and/or simpler.. These versions, however, may contain some unresolved issues. Only fatal bugs are being fixed in these legacy versions.

5.0.3 Final, Jan 11, 2007

4.5.5 Final, Jan 4, 2007

4.3.1 Final, Sep 14, 2004

3.1.1 Final, Nov 26, 2003

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