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This is a small list of most of the used and available templates within this site. Templates are mostly of the styling type and are to be used within the documentation. Please avoid usage of any other html tags. Also, do not create templates on your own. Consult them with User:Jsimlo first on his talk page.


  • manversion - Sweep line for updating any undocumented changes.
  • mycomment - Small gray text with a personal comment.
  • todo - Visible red TODO box with a message, creating an automatic TODO list.


  • button - Colorful name of a button.
  • dialog - Colorful name of a dialog.
  • feature - Colorful name of a feature.
  • field - Colorful name of a dialog field.
  • menu - Colorful name of a menu item.
  • hotkey - Colorful name of a hotkey.
  • string - Colorful string.
  • regexp - Colorful regular expression.
  • syntax - Colorful syntax element.
  • system - Colorful name of a system object.



  • screenshot - Right-aligned box with a screenshot.
  • example - (Example start, Example body, Example select, Example end)
  • version - Section that describes some differences between previous versions.
  • appver - The current version number.
  • tip - User tip or a usage trick.