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TED Notepad is a growing chrome-less alternative notepad replacement. It looks just like a small Notepad, but is more fertile in innovative features, text-processing functions and other tools. All of them on hotkeys; all designed for quick advanced editing. The light-weight portable text editor fits on any USB flash disk and loads instantly with no installation required.

Get ready for a swiss-army-knife notepad alternative for free: small and simple, yet full of ready features, combinations, enhancements and tools. You'll never learn them all. Don't type, ted-it!


TED Notepad was designed to replace the old Windows Notepad in every way. Besides that, it has been covered by variety of text tools, functions, features, clipboards and hotkeys. Optimized to high performance while keeping the intuitive conservative user interface and clean workspace. As my personal hobby, it is completely free. If you want to show your support, please, consider a donation to this project, write a review or just tell your friends. The more people like it, the more motivation there is for me to improve it.

The whole application was written in ANSI C and Assembly languages (no MFC, no C++, no Borland, no external libraries), using the system API functions only, compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. In contrast to other Notepad replacements, the development priority of TED Notepad was to create a fast, stable, slim and simple program. Without wizards, objects and toolbars; but with help and support of other people; I think it is now becoming what it ought to be.


Although not versatile enough, the MS Windows Notepad was indeed my daily text editor before. That's how I have started this project. To extend its possibilities. Just a little bit. Well, by now, TED Notepad is far beyond every initial hope. But still, I am sure you can find a lot of good ideas on how to enhance the Notepad, yet cherish the benefits of a tiny application. Please, tell me! Alter all, it's all about communication, the rest is technology...