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These pages are NOT part of the offcial TED Notepad Documentation. Though they include the official documentation, they also present latest work and experience of users and testers of TED Notepad. Furthermore, documentation of currently unreleased functions and features may be included, since this wiki is used to prepare future official documentation. Join us, if you want contribute here.

Join Us

This wiki is supposed to provide a workspace to develop, improve and update the official documentation. If you would like to contribute, or make grammar corrections, you are most welcome. To do that, you will need an account. I would gladly create you one. Just e-mail me and tell me something about you.

Note: These pages are not part of the official documentation, thus you are fully allowed to modify them mercilessly, as it is usual with most MediaWiki powered sites. This is not, however, the case with any previous version the official documentation of TED Notepad.

Important note: As these pages are supposed to create a working base for future official documentation, you will have to waive your rights to any contributions you make here. Although your work will be appreciated and your name should be included within the official documentation, you will not be able to claim any rights in the future.

How can I help?

  • If you are a native speaker, you can correct grammar and spelling.
  • If you are a doc-writer, you can fix wording and provide better interpretation and description.
  • If you are an experienced user, you can add helpful tips and examples.
  • If you are a non-english speaker, you can translate to your language.
  • If you are just a hobbyist, search around and find your own place to start.