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<noinclude>{{manversion|}}__NOTOC__ __NOEDITSECTION__</noinclude>
<noinclude><small style="float:right">[[Settings dialog/General|(edit)]]</small></noinclude>
This chapter describes all fileds within the {{dialog|Settings}} dialog of TED Notepad.
=== General page ===
{{:Settings dialog/General}}
<noinclude><small style="float:right">[[Settings dialog/File|(edit)]]</small></noinclude>
*[[General page]]
=== File page ===
*[[File page]]
{{:Settings dialog/File}}
*[[RE page]]
*[[Favourites page]]
<noinclude><small style="float:right">[[Settings dialog/RE|(edit)]]</small></noinclude>
*[[Filters page]]
=== RE page ===
*[[Settings page]]
{{:Settings dialog/RE}}
<noinclude><small style="float:right">[[Settings dialog/Favourites|(edit)]]</small></noinclude>
=== Favourites page ===
{{:Settings dialog/Favourites}}
<noinclude><small style="float:right">[[Settings dialog/Filters|(edit)]]</small></noinclude>
=== Filters page ===
{{:Settings dialog/Filters}}
<noinclude><small style="float:right">[[Settings dialog/Settings|(edit)]]</small></noinclude>
=== Settings page ===
{{:Settings dialog/Settings}}

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This chapter describes all fileds within the Settings dialog of TED Notepad.