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The official translations of TED Notepad into other languages are already under development, yet not ready.

However, ...

Although modifying the resources within executable of TED Notepad is not allowed by the license, some people keep translating them into their languages anyway. And why not, if it serves some good purpose.. So, I have started this page to keep track of those translations. If you have translated TED Notepad into your language, send me a copy to post it here..

WARNING: Files linked from this page are HACKS TO THE ORIGINAL SOFTWARE. They were NOT REVIEWED by the author of the original software. The author of the original software takes NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY BUGS, errors or misspellings they may contain. The author of the original software takes NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE they may cause. There is NO AFFILIATION between the author of the orginal software and the translators. However, the author of the original software BELIEVE IN GOOD FAITH of the translators.

NOTE: If you have found a bug, and want to report it, please do so through the author of the translation, unless you can reproduce the bug in the original version of the software. If you believe that a translation is seriously malfunctioning, causing harm, or even carrying viruses, please report it through the bug report. Your report will be posted here as soon as possible.

Before you download: You are doing this at your own risk. Be sure to read all the warnings and notes above. By downloading a translation you agree that you fully understand all the consequences of your doing.

French 6.0.2 Beta
May 8, 2012 tnp602se_uni.fr.1.exe by Eric Rausch
eric dot rausch at gmx dot fr
Česky 5.4.2 Final
Apr 12, 2010 tnp542le_uni.cs.0.exe by Jan Helebrant
JHelebrant at seznam dot cz
Simplified Chinese 5.3.1 Beta
May 24, 2007 tnp531le_uni.zh.0.exe by ssfighter
French 5.0.1 Beta
Sep 12, 2006 tnp501le_uni.fr.0.exe by Eric Rausch
neelix_57 at hotmail dot com
Chinese 4.5.3 Final
Jun 24, 2006 tnp453le_uni.zh.0.exe by Leavic

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