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This section is up to date for TED Notepad version
Control page Control:dialog:Settings:Favourites

The Favourites page allows to manage, add, remove or edit Favourites. See Favourites for further details.

The New button allows to add new entry into the list of Favourites, the Edit button allows to modify any entry within the list and the Delete button removes selected entry from the list. Use the Up and Down buttons to move individual entries within the list and thus within the Favourites menu.

Note: All changes to the list of Favourites must be confirmed by confirming the Settings dialog. If the Settings dialog is cancelled, any recent changes to the list of Favourites are discarded.

Note: Relative paths are allowed and supported within the list of Favourites. Current working directory is then the originating point, upon opening favourite files with relative paths. Note: The current working directory is usually the directory which TED Notepad was started from. Also note that the current working directory no longer changes with every Open and Save As dialog operations as it did in previous versions of TED Notepad. The current working directory stays the same throughout the entire instance session.

See the Favourites for further details and tips on how to use the Favourites portably.