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Control page Control:dialog:Settings:Clipboard

Auto-select upon Copy with empty selection:

The Auto-select upon Copy with empty selection setting allows to automatically select nearby text, if Copy, Cut or Swap is invoked while nothing is selected. The amount of text automatically selected can be one of the following:

Copy with mouse

The Auto-copy when selecting with mouse setting automatically invokes Copy into system Clipboard when the mouse button is released after selecting text (only when using the left mouse button).

Note: This automated Copy thru mouse may Copy several times upon multi-click mouse selecting. This is because multi-clicking involves multiple mouse button releases. And each such mouse button release is registered as selection change and must invoke Copy (just in case there comes no further mouse action).

The Only when Ctrl is pressed while selecting setting invokes Copy upon mouse selecting only when Ctrl is pressed while selecting. On the other hand, if this option is turned off, the Ctrl key is checked upon mouse selecting anyway, and instead prevents Copy when pressed. In other words, the value of the Only when Ctrl is pressed while selecting setting determines, whether automated Copy thru mouse selecting is to be used with or without Ctrl key.

Note: The Ctrl key is checked only upon mouse button release, therefore, it only needs to be pressed (or not pressed) upon releasing the mouse button after selecting. This is, however, misleading upon multi-clicking, since when multi-clicking, multiple mouse button releases occur, which can trigger Copy as well.

Paste with mouse upon:

The Paste with mouse upon setting allows to Paste text from system Clipboard by simple mouse Right-click.

By default, mouse Right-click displays small Right-click context menu, similar to the one known from other Windows applications. Using Ctrl+Right-click on the other hand allows to Paste text from system Clipboard conveniently thru mouse. The Paste with mouse upon setting alters this behaviour by switching the meaning of the Ctrl upon any Right-click:

Note: Both Right-click context menu and Paste are invoked only upon releasing the mouse button from clicked state. See chapter Using mouse for further details on how this can be exploited towards pretty advanced mouse tricks and antics.

Adding Shift key to the Right-click or Ctrl+Right-click invokes Swap instead of Paste. It is important to note, however, that using Shift key with mouse also has another purpose — it extends the current selection. While extending the selection is possible upon pressing the button, invoking Swap is available while releasing the button. This can take some training to master but can be worth it. Again, see chapter Using mouse and see Swap and Paste for details.


The Mimic original case upon Paste setting enables to mimic case upon replacing selection with Paste from system Clipboard. Upon Paste, if there is non-empty selection being replaced, text of the selection is scanned and character case of text from the system Clipboard is converted just before replacing the selection.

Note: The character case conversion within text from the system Clipboard does not modify the system Clipboard content. The conversion is applied onto the text while replacing the selection, after retrieving it from the system Clipboard.

See Paste for further details.