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Control page Control:feature:Clips

The 9 extra Clips can be used only within TED Notepad, but they work quite the same way as Windows clipboard does. However, content of Clips is being saved between sessions, therefore it persists computer restarts.

Press Alt key with a digit 1..9 to copy the selection into one of the Clips.

Press Ctrl key with the same digit to paste the content from the Clips to the document.

Tip: Clips can be easily pre-configured to frequent phrases and then used later to quikly paste rife snippets.

Note: Content of Clips is loaded when TED Notepad starts, and is saved along with other settings when TED Notepad quits. Therefore, Clips are not shared between different running instances of TED Notepad. With two or more instances running concurrently, each opperate on a different set of Clips. After all instances have closed, contents of Clips from all instances are merged together (resolving any merging collisions in the same order in which instances have closed).

Note: If saving of Clips is turned off in Settings dialog; or the /ns command line parameter is used; or the Exit without saving! is used; Clips are not saved, and will not persist the session. See chapter Settings page of the Settings dialog, chapter Command line parameters and chapter File menu for details on how to prevent various settings from being saved.

Note: Only the first 64 KiB of text placed in any of the Clips are stored into the config to prevent long application initialization times. Prior to version 6.3, text stored into the config was limited to 8 KiB.